Monday, August 31, 2009

The Reverend’s daughter, Angela, was seen shopping in Hollyweird recently in a red Porsche. Whatever happened to her going to college???

Fill In The Blank: Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent

Kim Kardashian and Bugsy are collaborating on a new fragrance. Seeing that every celeb wants the world to smell like them, we are a little intrigued to see what happens when you mix Kimmy’s Cakes with Ol’ Bugsy’s Gorilla Mist…

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beauty In Thee eye of the Beholder (teen model destined to take the modelworld by storm

Teen model Ariane Padgett shows us what beauty really is at thee age of 17 Ariane works juss as hard as
Raquel Zimmerman,Natasha Poly,AND Sasha Pivovarova. we can expect Alot from Ariane in the upcoming year of 2010

A Keys and Swizz Beatz Have a “Romantic” Dinner in France

Damn, everybody and they momma is getting caught up in St. Tropez. First Snoop’s ole slimy a**, and now Alicia Keys and Swizz Beak have been spotted. More evidence that our girl Alicia is a homewrecker. SMH.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009




Solange New Haircut -_- .

looks better here

...then here yikes!
i still love her though

Dr Martin Boots .

Agyness Deyn , Amber Rose , & Miley Cyrus are bringing them back to life , personally i love them but do think they can make a come back ?

Ashley Olsen, Alexander Wang, and Sarah Jessica Parker want you at Fashion's Night Out!

whoa gabby n dwade

Hummm Lil’ D. Wade On The Way?

Rumor has it that Gabby Union is running around with Dwayne Wade’s child, here is the pic circulating around the web.


What do you think?

Amber Rose Proves She Is NOT Carrying Around a Gut Full of Human


Just a couple of days ago, rumors were swirling around that Amber was with child because she didn’t want anyone around her smoking and she was turning down drinks left and right. But thanks to her and Yeezy’s outings, we now know they are false. Pop the hood to see.

whoa skinny jeans

Attention Whores… Skinny Jeans are a Major Health Hazzard!

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The early show recently looked into the health hazzards that skinny jeans can cause in women and you won’t believe how serious they are! Pop the hood

Ho Sit Down-Part Two: Rush Limbaugh Responds to Jay-Z Diss


Rush Limbaugh’s Oxy high must have been wearing off because he decided to fire back at Jay-Z as well. Limbaugh says he is proud to have made it into a rap song and then goes in on our President Obama, all the while sounding like he is wrestling a hoagie down his throat at the same time…remarkable.

kanye west louis vuitton sneakers Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Sneaker

Finally, we see an official picture of one of the sneakers from the Kanye West and Louis Vuitton collaboration. The sneaker comes in all red with a simple form, but it features a special quilted flap on the back heel for your jeans. Check out the press release below:

PARIS — Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton men’s studio director Paul Helbers have some design competition this season. Kanye West, who was sitting front row at the Vuitton show, has designed a line of five LV sneakers. Only one design, above, was featured in the show — a monochromatic midtop with no frills, save for a quilted flap in the back, all the easier to tuck pants into. “The inspiration came from a jacket with a huge collar in the movie ‘Dune,’ ” West says. “Most sneakers focus on the tongue, so I wanted to do something different.” West knows whereof he speaks: he says he has no idea how many shoes he owns, but he does know that he routinely needs to send shipments off to storage. The LV-meets-Kanye kicks will be available at Louis Vuitton stores in June.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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